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Two of Long Beach’s videographers are taking over in So Cal. Meet RWFILMSS & HOTSPIT, Richard wolfe (Rwfilmss) has been working non stop for the last 7 years and all we’ve seen is Major improvement since. Just look at how his first video compares to something more recent like hot right? 🔥 looking at his YouTube channel you quickly see that he’s shot for almost every local artist you can think of but his greatest achievement in our eyes is his ability to break a artist.

Now let’s talk about Nick Medina, although he’s new to scene he came and made a HUGE impact. Nick has the vision and the skills to make a music video seem like a short film, from getting together with NoWay FTA & HighRemyy to create this to his most recent Viral project which is almost at 1 MILLION VIEWS! we think they both have what we’re looking for but want to know who you’re rocking with?!

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